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Quick R Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial covering most essential concepts of R programming language. This is not a zero to hero tutorial. However, this course does proffer you with all the necessary information to achieve data analysis related tasks in R.


First, you should download R software IDE (Interactive Development Environments). The one which we recommend is RStudio and to download it click here.

Please Note

RStudio requires R 3.0.1+.

So if you don’t have R installed on your local system. You can download it from the CRAN website.

Frequently asked questions?

  • Question 1 - What is CRAN ?
    CRAN stands for Comprehensive R Archive Network. This network is a collection of ftp and web servers which are present around the world.

  • Question 2 - What does these collection of servers comprise of?
    On these web servers which are placed all over the world you can find R source code, documnetation, contributed packages, R manuals, and datasets.

  • Question 3 - What is a CRAN mirror?
    Each web server of the network is called as a mirror.

  • Question 4 - Why do we have so many CRAN mirrors?
    The idea was to reduce the long distance or international traffic. You can find a list of CRAN mirrors at CRAN mirrors.

  • Question 5 - How can I permanently save information about my preferred CRAN mirror?
    The information about the CRAN mirror can be saved in a file name .RProfile. This file can be found in the user’s home directory. For example, one can use the add the below line of code in .RProfile file to set sweden as your permanent mirror.

options("repos" = c(CRAN = "https://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/CRAN/"))
  • Question 6 - Can I download previous RGui version?
    Yes, you can download the source code of older versions of R. Here is the link to the page from where you can download the older versions.

  • Question 7 - How do I update my R software?
    You can use installr package to update your R software on windows. Use below code to install the package and update the software.

# Downloading the package from CRAN

# Loading the package
# Use update function to update.
Last updated on 4 Jan 2019 / Published on 17 Oct 2017